Monday, February 13, 2012

Iciness at Home, Final Chapter

We took a quick road trip over the weekend.  And in just one day, we experienced ashen clouds that could rival those of a summer storm, moments of intense sunshine, brisk winds during hurried walks, occasional drops of icy rain and a brief snowstorm with white-out conditions.

Winter is unpredictable and often makes the shortest journey a real adventure.  Cold weather also lends our interiors greater importance.  They become places of protection and retreat… where plans are made and memories are rekindled.

Photographer Irene Suchocki really captures the magic of winter in her quiet landscapes,

A Winter's Tale
nostalgic scenes of urban life
On a Cold Winter's Night

Everything is Illuminated
and glamorous interiors.
The Golden Age

The Secret History
Originally from Toronto, Irene now lives in Montreal and travels often.  You may have seen her work before... her Eye Poetry Photography is one of the most popular stores on Etsy… or think you’ve seen it before… her photographs often reinterpret well-documented cities, like Paris and New York, with a hazy, dream-like quality that is somehow mysterious and recognizable.  She calls her work “visual poems”.  “I love to photograph iconic places… in a way that gives the sense of having tumbled through a secret doorway into a previously unseen world.”
Ink and Snow
Irene’s prints are incredibly affordable and make great gifts.  And her art lockets, created in collaboration with jewelry maker Lori Patton, are perfect for any seeker of ultima Thule or Snow Queen.

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