Thursday, September 15, 2011

Well, Hello There

Once and a while, I luck out and catch a little magic moment transpiring without much fanfare or attention from the rest of the world.  I suspect you do too.

You might see it out of the corner of your eye, or down a path you seldom take or during a few minutes when time is suddenly and unusually quiet.

The other day I just happened to step outside the front door – an entrance that we almost never use – and noticed three miniature mushroom “heads” emerging from beneath the daylilies in our front planters.

By the next morning, the mushrooms were fully grown, at about 3” tall, and looked like gnome hats, and thatched roofs, and tiki huts and fairytale umbrellas.  They were a faded lemon chiffon yellow and reminded me of
used crepe paper;
vintage party decorations;
pop-up greeting cards;
and organza petticoats.

And then, they were gone.  Within a day, they were completely shriveled… no longer mushrooms at all, let alone the parasols or meringues or tuffets of my imagination.

I wondered.  Did anyone else, like the neighbor’s cat or a visiting bird, glimpse this ephemeral beauty?  And I also wondered.  What other moments have I missed?

So, I plan to keep my eyes open, to look more intently and more often, and I hope you will too.

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