Saturday, October 27, 2012

Get Out the Vote: AIGA Style

Whether you are gung ho for a particular candidate or can’t wait for Election Day to come and go… the AIGA’s Get Out the Vote project may provide a little extra motivation to, well, get out and vote.

Cast Your Vote by Steven Liska
AIGA, originally known as the American Institute of Graphic Arts, is over a century old and provides professional support, networking possibilities and financial and creative guidance to artists who make a living in graphic design.  Plus AIGA promotes the importance of good design.

Since 1998, their Design for Democracy efforts have helped localities to
design and test ballots;
develop better outreach materials for voters;
and create resources for election officials.
AIGA also sponsors a national, nonpartisan Get Out the Vote poster exhibition.

Get on the Vote Boat by Kip G. Williams
It seems like the best of this year’s entries fall into three main categories.
A lot draw on retro images for a nostalgic look.

Do Your Research by Alyssa Bastien

Quit Mopin' by Nicole K. Glaberman

Turn the Tide by Rachel Follis

Reminder by Jillian Coorey

Some cleverly play with text and the word “vote”.

Vote by Ann Ford

Vote! by Thomas R. Ham
National Statement by Zach Norman

Be Relevant by Arezo Hariri
Others rethink patriotic or political symbols and colors.

Make America Soar by Shelley A. Miller

Make Your Mark by Elisabeth Hawkins

Vote by Eric R. Fernandez

Stars and Stripes by Dominique Chirinciuc
You can download and print individual posters from AIGA’s website or view the exhibition in person at the National Design Center in New York City.

Butterfly Effect by Vincent Gonzales
The Design Center is located on Fifth Avenue, in the Flat Iron District, and is open to the public Monday-Thursday, 11 am-6 pm, and Friday, 11am-5 pm.  Admission is free. Get Out the Vote runs through November 30.

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  1. Thanks for this exciting and inspiring group of posters from AIGA--this is a real exchange of get out the vote in comparison to all the snippy ads that abound these days! Thanks thanks thanks


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